Welcome to TAVA

Welcome to a fresh, yet contemporary Indian restaurant!

At the heart of TAVA dining is a dream that arose from a passion for flavorful, traditional Indian food made from scratch. Nurtured from centuries-old family recipes, using only the freshest, most natural ingredients and spices, and updated in a warm, contemporary way, TAVA Indian restaurant was born.   Now you can taste the succulent flavor of naturally raised and grown ingredients. The food is always fresh—never frozen—healthy and delicious, and always cooked to order. Ingredients are carefully handpicked from various regions of India for complexity and authenticity.   One glance at the menu reveals an array of mouthwatering meats: tender chicken, lamb, savory seafood, vegetarian, vegan and organic dishes, prepared only with heart-healthy oils (extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil), never with any flavor enhancers, lard, shortening, chemicals or any hydrogenated oils (fully or partially). With every bite, you’ll savor the all skillfully blended, authentic flavors of India.   Even the celebrated, colorful cocktails synonymous with TAVA’s signature bar elicit a new experience…with the added option of organic alcohol! Yes—organic vodka, wine and more. With a selection of extraordinary beers and wines from all over the world, you’ll be hard-pressed to find these unique, handcrafted drinks anywhere else in the Chicago area.   Come check out TAVA for a unique and new, yet nostalgic, dining experience. 



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