Crafted Classics


MAKER’S MANHATTAN Maker’s mark bourbon, sweet vermouth, cherry garnish  

MOJITO Cruzan citrus rum, loads of fresh mint, sugar, topped with soda, mint garnish – seasonal fruit added for a new flavor  

LASSI MADNESS Malibu coconut rum, fresh squeezed lime juice, coconut milk, lassi, lime garnish  

BASIL GIMLET Veev acal, fresh basil, fresh lime juice  

TAKA-TAK SPICE Pinnacle vanilla vodka, tamarind-date, pineapple, green chili, cilantro  

MAZADAR CHAI Chilled chai, spice infused vodka, raw sugar, black pepper  

COOL COLLINS Square one “ORGANIC” cucumber vodka, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a bit of powdered sugar, topped with soda, lemon garnish  

SPICY MARY The classic bloody Mary with a twist of Indian spice square one “organic” cucumber vodka, zing zang bloody Mary  

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