Who we are

What is TAVA…and TAVA dining?


TAVA is unlike any contemporary Indian dining experience you have ever had…or likely ever will have. As soon as you as your feet touch the Brazilian cherry wood floor in the candlelit restaurant you feel the ambiance.


A roaring fire crackles in the fireplace. Conversation is abundantly shared along with fragrant Indian dishes. There is no mistaking these familiar authentic Indian aromas and spices as they waft from the kitchen, where the Tavas are busily clanging.


Tava(h), tawa(h) is actually a Persian word for a large, convex, disc-shaped griddle or fry pan used primarily for cooking traditional South Asian dishes, especially flatbreads from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkey and Afghanistan.


The pan is crafted from metal, most often sheet iron, cast iron, sheet steel or aluminum. Some of the most common uses for a tava are saj bread, roti, dosha, chapathi, paratha, sautéed vegetables or meat. Real, not artificial charcoal fuels our tandoor, and the result is a unique blending of fresh, delicious flavors and seasonings.


Come experience all the wonders of wholesome, authentic, healthy Indian cooking, emanating right from (the) TAVA…and right here in the Chicago area.

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