Naan (egg-free)

lightly leavened soft bread baked in a tandoor


Plain Naan   2.75

Garlic Naancooked with fresh chopped garlic   3.75

Keema Naan – stuffed with minced lamb   6

Bullet Naan (Spicy) stuffed with fresh chili peppers and cumin seed 4

Brett’s Naan – stuffed with minced onions and garlic  4

Tava Signature Naan (Spicy) – with fresh chili peppers, onions, garlic, cumin and ajwain seeds   5


Kulcha (egg-free)

lightly leavened, stuffed bread baked in a tandoor


Paneer Kulcha – with crumbled homemade paneer cheese   4

Piyazi Kulcha – with finely chopped onions   4


Roti Vegan       3.25

nnleavened whole-wheat bread baked in a tandoor



unleavened, layered, whole-wheat bread cooked in a tandoor with olive oil


Plain Paratha V   4

Aloo Paratha V –  stuffed with mashed potatoes, spices and olive oil   4

Pudina Paratha V – stuffed with mint   4

Patiala Paratha V– sprinkled with aromatic ajwain (caraway) seeds   4


Bread Basket                       16

an assortment of Piyazi Kulcha, Paneer Kulcha, Roti, Garlic Naan, and Plain Naan   

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