Chicken Curry gluten free    15

 boneless chicken simmered in tomatoes and onions with a mild spices, garnished with cilantro  

Bhuna Chicken (Hot) gluten free    16

 tender pieces of fresh boneless chicken cooked with fresh onions, tomato, ginger, garlic and fresh herbs, garnished with cilantro  

Tava Chili Chicken Masala gluten free    16

 boneless fresh chicken cooked with potatoes, then simmered in tomatoes and onions with fresh chili peppers and special spices, then garnished with cilantro and ginger  

Chicken Makhani (TAVA Signature) gluten free         16

roasted fresh boneless chicken simmered in a sweet creamy buttery tomato sauce with fenugreek leaves and mild spices  

Chicken Tikka Masala gluten free         16

marinated fresh boneless chicken breast grilled and sautéed in a delicious tomato ginger onion sauce with cilantro

Chicken Butter Masala (mild) gluten free         16

tender boneless fresh chicken cooked in sweet creamy tomato sauce with cashew and chef’s special blend of spices  

Tava Chicken Vindaloo (Volcano Hot) gluten free             16

boneless chicken and russet potatoes cooked in an authentic vindaloo sauce with cumin seeds, onions, tomato sauce, red apple cider, and sun-dried and fresh chili peppers  

Chicken Jalfrazie gluten free                16

marinated chicken sautéed with fresh green vegetables topped with chopped ginger, cilantro, Indian spices and herbs  

Chicken Shahi Korma (Very Mild) gluten free            16

tender chunks of chicken cooked with almonds in a creamy sauce and garnished with sliced almonds  

Chicken Saag gluten free              16

 tender, boneless chicken morsels cooked with fresh spinach in a rich blend of spices  

Chicken Taka-Tak (Hot) gluten free              16

 fresh chicken cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes and green peppers and fresh chili peppers  

Chicken Madras gluten free                                    16

 a south indian delicacy…fresh chicken cooked in an aromatic coconut broth, indian spices and creamy curry sauce

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