Goan Fish Curry gluten free             

seasonal whitefish simmered with coconut sauce, red chili peppers and an exotic goan sauce  

Tava Samundri Taka-tak  (Tava Signature) gluten free                

tender pieces of fresh catfish, whitefish and shrimp cooked with chopped onions, bell peppers, minced ginger, garlic, tomatoes, spicy chili peppers and herbs  

Fish Tikka Masala gluten free              

fresh whitefish filet marinated in yogurt and spices, roasted in a tandoor and sautéed with indian seafood masala  

Shrimp Masala gluten free                   

fresh large shrimp simmered in a rich sauce seasoned with a hint of fresh minced garlic and ginger  

Shrimp Vindaloo (Volcano Hot) gluten free            

large shrimp and russet potatoes cooked in authentic vindaloo sauce with cumin seeds, onions, tomato sauce, apple cider, sun-dried and fresh chili peppers  

Shrimp Jalfrazie gluten free                  

large gulf shrimp sautéed with crispy green vegetables, garnished with fresh ginger, cilantro, Indian herbs and spices  

Shrimp Madras gluten free                   

a south indian delicacy…jumbo gulf shrimp cooked in an aromatic coconut broth, indian spices and creamy curry sauce

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